Artist's Statement

     A cultural symbol and the intensity of heat in South Texas are a part of my borderland experience. I was born and raised in Laredo, Texas and although I live in San Antonio now, Laredo and my culture are still integral slices of my work. As I process my past and present experiences with materials in my studio, I am able to "see" my identity as a Hispanic woman and still tell my visual story of life today.

     Materials include traditional and non-traditional components, like cotton, silk, milgritos (Mexican charms), plastic and found objects. Additionally, I consider common and uncommon techniques such as free motion stitching, embroidery, drilling and knotting to complete my thoughts.

     I am not a traditional quilter. My work is based on sandwiching multiple layers of materials and using spontaneity to drive me. However, this body of work is based in mixed media with an emphasis on fiber. Simultaneously, my shaped surfaces become quilt-like in their appearance and texture as I disturb the surface with free motion stitching and meticulous hand stitching.

     I have recently been interested in visually "discussing" my adventures in technology as I meander, walk and eventually run and crash into a virtual wall.  My iPhone, iPad and MacBook are the basis of some of these momentary lapses. And so I find myself using these present day experiences as the subject of my abstractions. The shapes of my pieces are influenced by a specific experience, like in I Heart Tetris, the T shape is in Tetris, a computer game.

    Additionally, I find that lives are completely dependent on technology, as everything we eat, wear, travel in and learn comes from some product that has been touched by a machine. And yet, we are so unaware, dismissive, indifferent. Is there something wrong with that? Should we think about the alternative? Are we addicted to technology?

     The body of work that I am presently working on is a documentation. My life is much like many who have to deal directly with technology and struggle to accomplish a set task, in spite of the fact that machines are meant to make our lives easier, more efficient. ​The technical experiences have blended into my somewhat compulsive everyday drive to figure things out all around me, all the time.

     This experience just happens to filter through the eyes of a Mexican American from Laredo, Texas.

Copyright Miki Rodriguez. All Rights Reserved.

​​​Miki Rodriguez  Inspiration, Impulse, Fiber