Integrated Materials Artist

Artist's Statement

Our lives are surrounded by wasted materials everyday. I am lured to these countless varieties of discarded objects. I collect stuff through the eyes of an opportunist. I bask in layers of castoffs including found objects, papers, plastics, yarns, twine, and clothing. Then I gather, integrate and attach them onto used fabric surfaces.

Intense colors are anchored by the use of black lines while paint enhances colors and shapes that are well known to my Latina cultural experiences.


My process allows for diverse techniques as materials are integrated. Sewing techniques are varied also. But for me, hand-stitching has become as expressive as painting on a surface. There is an appreciation for the innate rawness of the materials causing my approach to appear equally detached and unfinished, consistently imitating life.

As I process and manipulate each discarded material, I recognize and document significant daily activities and events that surround me.  Utilizing these materials to outline my stories, I  realize that my narratives are mutual with society at large and must be recorded first-hand during this significant time in history. 

​​Miki Rodriguez