• Photographer Kacper Kowalski shot these photographs from aerial views inside his native Poland. His carefully composed photos in the series titled Above & Beyond highlight the lines and shapes that cut across a landscape and transform it into an abstract representation of the region… (Author Mary Luoma)
  • I have a confession: I love art and fashion with equal passion. They’re my two favorite things to think about and write about so when I came across Stefania Fersini’s wrinkled up fashion magazine page paintings, I fell instantly in love... (Author Megan Parry)
  • Missouri-based artist Melissa McCracken can see music. Melodies have color and movement due to a phenomenon in her brain called synesthesia…(Author Mia Grevees)
  • These elegant bowls are made from the skeletons of real maple leaves. Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi created them by adding Kozo paper, watercolor, and Krylon coating to the leaves…(Author Mary Luoma)
  • Artist Julie Alice Chappell is giving old material new purpose by creating beautiful insect sculptures out of used computer parts…(Author Mary Luoma)

I found a site that was so well presented, not only in its visuals, but in its authentic consideration of artists who use a variety of media.  Artists Inspire Artists, introduces artists that will stimulate, motivate and spark your journey.

Here are a few that you might like:

A Search for the Muse:

There are many ways to spark your creative juices. A few of my personal favorites include the sound of music which resonates within, the thrill of the surprise, the sheer joy of the craft and a spontaneous response to materials.

Look to anything that brings you joy and include that experience in your creative pursuit. Think about including music, beautiful images, color, nature sounds, natural light, pleasant natural scents, like flowers or materials that inspire your thinking process. Surround yourself with beauty and be propelled into your "zone".


If you use your senses, you might hear, taste, see, feel or smell the color of inspiration. You must be aware of her perpetual presence. I promise she's there. Appreciate her when you find her. Savor. Absorb. Harness. 

Through this website, I hope to share inspiration, and hopefully guide your senses into the realm of fiber art.

"The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel."

Piet Mondrian 1872-1944

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